Experience sharing connecting and motivating each other with the love of God.

Group Mentoring at school-based sites that focus on character education, positive self-identity, career and academic preparation, and other relevant topics.

Access to opportunities – such as trips (exchange programs) and other settings – that broaden their knowledge of themselves and the world.

Participation in students empowerment programs, conferences, and workshops and leadership training promoting entrepreneurship, career and workforce readiness.

Collaboration with other nonprofit likeminded Organizations To have successful Relationships with other organizations aligned with our purpose.

Opportunities to network with successful women across the globe.

Increase membership in the Deborah-Network through growth and retention.

Empower and train women to be great leaders.

Hold Higher Purpose events that serve our communities and take our mission into the world.

Financially responsible and create abundance to enable us cater for the less privileged in society.

Missions to remote/rural areas